John Hegley

By arrangement with Troika Talent

John Hegley was born in North London and was educated in Luton, Bristol and Bradford. He received national exposure when he appeared fronting The Popticians with whom he also recorded two sessions for John Peel.

He has since performed his words sung and spoken across the network for BBC radio. He has produced 10 books of verse and prose pieces, two CDs and one mug, but his largest source of income is from stages on his native island. He is an Edinburgh festival regular.

He has produced material about dog hair, potatoes and handkerchiefs in a philosophical framework. Hegley was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Arts from what is now the University of Bedfordshire and once performed in a womens’ prison in Columbia with his daughter’s godfather, Nigel.

He is currently working on a programme for Radio 4 called, WHO DOES JOHN HEGLEY THINK HE IS? Which will air later this year.

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