Dan Schreiber

By arrangement with John Noel Management

Breezily delivered, constantly entertaining confessional anecdotes and factoids… a very charming show indeed
The Telegraph
Candid, consistently funny, and packed with quirky talking points
The Scotsman

Dan Schreiber is a writer, stand-up comedian, TV presenter, producer, podcaster and most notably a very funny man. You can currently hear Dan’s transatlantic tones swilling around the top of the iTunes podcast chart as he hosts QI derived comedy NO SUCH THING AS A FISH, and can soon be seen delving into the rich world of conspiracy theories when he presents a one off doc on the subject for Channel 4.

August 2014 saw Dan premier his debut full length solo comedy show C*CKBLOCKED FROM OUTER SPACE. The show sees Dan tell the story of how he has been trying to make his home in the world of geek, and was a sell-out hit at the Edinburgh Festival, picking up some fantastic reviews along the way.

Dan is currently touring the UK with a sell out live version of NO SUCH THING AS A FISH.